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Startup Diary: DATA BLEW MY MIND

Week 4 already and we’ve reached the half way point of the AIB Startup Academy in what feels like the blink of an eye!

Antonie Geerts led the morning session on Data Analytics and blew my mind clear off with the amount of things that we can learn through some simple web analytics. Again, there was a huge focus on the customer and their behaviour online, what we can learn and how we can use this information to 1) design a better experience online for them as a customer and 2) ultimately increase conversions from curiosity to sales.

I have to confess, not having an e-commerce function to FEED has led to its importance falling to the way side in favour of, in my eyes, more important elements. Our morning session with Antonie the sheer scale of what is possible but also small actionable steps that we can take today as small startup companies in their infancy:

  • Money is no object: No really, most of the analytics tools that we need at this stage of our business are free (Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics et al are all free tools – Happy Days!)
  • Customise the reports from each tool to give you exactly the information that will be most useful to your business specifically
  • Check in quite regularly to get an up to date understanding of whats going on on your site
  • Do your own SEO at the beginning: keywords, titles, descriptions – this is something any one with any level of tech knowledge can do. Use Yoast SEO to analyse your SEO live on your site and give you hints and tips to improve it

The morning with Antonie was short and intense and I left with a million things I needed to work on. At FEED our web presence and understanding of user behaviour isn’t as critical as say Kiki Moon who sell (amazing organic cotton baby blankets) primarily online but it’s still important to be searchable and to optimise the site for the information people are looking for. This is a work in progress for me so keep an eye out for an update soon where I’ll dazzle you with my web skillz.