Real Talk – Cleaning Time!

People exist that genuinely enjoy cleaning. I, dear friends, am not one of them. If, like me, the thought of doing a clean up strikes the fear of God into you then today is your lucky day. Super Intern Aisling has put together a list of some of her tips to #BeBetter at the big clean up.

Make it musical

This is my number one tip – Realistically the only way you will ever see me cleaning is with music. It’s very simple – just blast your favourite song and for those 3-4 minutes tackle one clenaing job you’ve been putting on the long finger. Pick the task you’ve putting off for the longest or that needs doing the most and just DO IT but do it in style. For example, make it your aim to get all the dishes washed before the end of the song. If you’ve been letting that stack of pots and pans build up for the last week (firstly, you are disgusting) you may want to combine 3 or 4 songs into a cleaning playlist. Bonus points for a high tempo number that’ll get you moving and shaking like nobody’s watching.

Other tasks to get done within the duration of a song: hoovering the stairs, putting out the bins, wiping down the bathroom, hanging out the washing, folding your clothes – the options are endless. ISN’T THIS EXCITING?!

Make your own

Cleaning supplies can be expensive. Nice try on using that as an excuse not to get sh*it done though. Instead, try making your own: combine 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 900ml of warm water and pop into a spray bottle. This is guaranteed to make every surface gleam with just a wipe and cuts down on the cost of cleaning products too. Washing up liquid can be swapped out for a mix of water, salts, lemon juice and vinegar. Polishing the wooden tables in your house can be done easily with a simple concoction of olive oil, finger and lemon juice. No excuses!

The 15 minute Rule

“I don’t have time” seems to be the excuse we give for just about everything these days but not today! Instead block 15 minutes of time during the day as dedicated cleaning time – set a reminder, put it in your google calendar, set an alarm, whatever, just do it. Do what you can in that time and you would be surprised at how much you will covered. If you’re like me, and I think you are, you tend to let all the cleaning build up over a week or so and then end up having to spend your whole Sunday afternoon picking up the pieces (literally). Pick one room each day and for those 15 minutes dust, polish, tidy and bang the vacuum into whoever’s feet get in your way. It means at least one room in your house will always be tidy, and you’ll be able to spend Sundays how they were intended – in peace.

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Aisling Gallagher is a 3rd year student of Food Innovation at DIT and is spending the summer interning with FEED.